Run 2+ GTalk Accounts on Your System at Once - Google Talk Hack

Just Change "/startmenu" with "/nomutex" from Gtalk Properties and You can run mutiple Google Talk accounts on your system at same time.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

GtalkGoogle Talk doesn't have any facility to run two or more instances of G-Talk. But with a simple trick you can run multiple GTalk Accounts on your system.

Just follow these simple steps

1. Create a Shortcut to Gtalk on your DeskTop.
2. Right Click on it & Open Properties

Gtalk Properties

3. In Target - Change /startmenu with /nomutex and click Apply.
4. Now click on GTalk icon on your desktop and every time you click, a new instance of gtalk will open. Now You can run 2 or more GTalk accounts on your system at once.

Multiple Google Talk

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