Sing Me Something App, A Stunning iPhone/Android Game for Music Lovers

Download “sing me something”, an iPhone / Android app by which you can sing > record and share your voice among your facebook friends and they will predict / guess the song band and earn points.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

So it’s time to spread your lovely voice in between your friends or the whole world, just download “sing me something”, an iPhone app and be a singer,  record and share your voice which single click among your facebook friends or the SMS app world.

Sing Me Something
Actually SingMeSomething is a game like famous Picture guessing game in which one person draw a picture and the another one guesses its theme or structure but here in SMS we are using songs instead of pictures means one person will sing a song and another one will guess song band or other aspects. So if you are a bathroom singer who is waiting to sing in public then it’s a wonderful platform in which you can spread your voice to the world.

You can also increase your music knowledge by guessing the songs sung by others so it is also a platform of learning while gaming. You guess the song band & other aspects and move to next level, for every correct answer you earn some points & knowledge and you can also share your score to facebook & challenge your friends to beat you by scoring more by guessing more.

How Sing Me Something Works?

What can you do as a Singer?
  • Select a Song you want to sing from a huge song-database of Sing Me Something
  • Sing your song after selection and record your voice
  • Spread your voice to SMS(sing me something) world & facebook by single click sharing (always remember to connect with facebook)
  • Challenge your friends on facebook to guess the song band or other things
What can an opponent / friend or music lover do?
  • Hear the recorded voice
  • Guess about its band or other aspects
  • Right Answer…. Hurahhhh… You earn points and move to next level
  • Oh.. you are in middle of a level & unable to clear it then we can use some bonus utilities
    1. Pass :- complete the task instantly by losing your old earn coins/points
    2. Gold Pass :- complete the song or band name instantly by purchasing coins
    3. Hint :- Some hint about the Band / Song
So in this way you can enjoy this music game. You can also invite and share your friends. This game records different statistics like Guessing time, total turns take for guessing, no. of coins earned etc.

Platform Support

This app is available for both iPhone and Android devices you can download it free from APP Store or Android Market.


  1. Free (ad suported) 
  2. Premium version ($1.99 only) (free from ads and includes some extra bonuses)

Sing Me Something App Review and Rating

Date published: 09/04/2012
Author Rating: 4.5 / 5 stars

Video: Sing Me Something Game App Overview

See the above video to understand the features and functionalities of Sing Me Something App, see how can you enjoy and be happy after downloading this superior App on your iPhone or android device.

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