Cheat Code to win Google Doodle Hurdle Race Under 4 secs

Aug 07 - Google Doodle Hurdle Race Cheat :- Download it to win game under 4 secs and share on facebook with your friends.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Google Doodle Hurdle Race
Hello friends, Today's Google Doodle depends on Hurdle Race Olympic Game means you can feel like Olympic just by sitting in front of your PC. So ready to compete with your friends and also a lot of you wants to share your score on Facebook and Google plus etc. A try a lot but can't beat my friend (11.4 sec) as I always got 13.3 sec. But finally I beat my friend by completing it in just 3.9sec (Hurray!! I found a cheat of it). So are you also want to download this cheat to complete Google Doodle Hurdle race in just 4 sec. then you are at right place.

Actually your score depends on how fast you can press keyboard keys but what if we make something to automate our key pressing event means a program will automatically press your keys and you can complete it under 4 secs. So follow the below steps to hack Google doodle hurdle race and make a new Olympic record.

Follow These Steps 

1.) Download the following Script to automate your keyboard event.
>> Google Doodle Hurdle Cheat 2012 (download link 1)
>> Google Doodle Hurdles Cheat (download link 2)
2.) Now Open Google In your Chrome browser
3.) Run the downloaded file
4.) Finally You completed it under 4 secs. So now its time to share it on facebook and google plus to impress your friends.

You can use the same cheat script to complete Google Doodle Slalom Canoe game in 14 secs and with 3 stars.

How it Works? See Video

Important Note

  • Always remember to press TAB after ending this game it will end the running script.
  • Only Works in Google Chrome

Use your MIND!! 

After Completing your game in 16 sec just right click on google doodle logo and inspect element in google chrome here you can edit your score in a simple way :)
Google Doodle Hurdle Cheat
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