Aug 12 Google Doodle on London Olympic Closing Ceremony

Finally With the last day of London Olympic 2012 today's Google doodle relates with Olympic Closing Ceremony.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Finally say good buy to creative Google doodles on Olympic games with a doodle on Olympic Closing Ceremony. Today (Aug 12, 2012), it is closing ceremony of London Olympic - 2012. Congrats to all medal winners from my side.

Olympic Closing Ceremony Google Doodle

London Olympic Closing Ceremony
There was a big competition between USA and china but finally USA captured a first position in medal table in London Olympic 2012.

Next doodle from Google?

So lets see what will next move from Google doodle team side, they continuous their creativity (like Olympic PC games doodles) by creating more fun for the users or just a doodle logo on a particular day or event. I enjoy this great series of Olympic Google doodles by regular updating every day Google doodle post. So its time to move on next topic...

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