Aug 10 Google Doodle Soccer 2012 Cheat for 7 stars and infinite (∞) score

Creative idea to score infinite points and 7 stars in google doodle soccer 2012 game by using cheat code or idea provided by satinder singh.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

I love football, So are you ready to beat me in this super sport then try today's (Aug 10, 2012) soccer Google doodle to play this game with me. I score an unbeatable points in this game with 7 stars if you also want to score same points like me with 7 stars then follow the below cheat to hack this Google doodle game score.
Google Doodle Soccer 2012 Cheat
Actually this doodle game does not relate to same button clicks after regular intervals as we see in last Google doodle so we can not create an auto button clicker for it because player can throw the ball in any direction to goal so try to play with your hands, one on < > arrow keys and second one on space button to jump or you can also play it via mouse moments and left click on mouse to jump.

Steps to cheat soccer Google doodle for 7 stars:

1.) Just start this game in your Chrome browser by opening Google
2.) Play with your skills and create a score that you can create.
3.) After this suppose you got 33 points and 2 stars. Do not share this score on your fb profile.
4.) Just right click on your score in Google chrome and select inspect element option (see below video for full details)
5.) To change your score to infinite symbol just right click on score code line and click on edit as html then replace your score with &#8734; to show infinite symbol at your score position.
6.) After score line you will find line for stars just right click on it and select edit as html here you can change any non-star with a star by entering ( <div id="hplogo_sm" class="hplogo_smg"></div> ) this code at here.
7.) Enter the above code 7 times to show 7 stars in this game and remove this line ( <div id="hplogo_sm" class="hplogo_smh"></div> ) to remove non star places.
8.) Now its time to share your infine score and 7 star position with your friends on facebook and google plus to show your real skills.

Video Tutorial for 7 stars and infinite score

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