Learn Google Searching Secrets before Starting SEO (24 google power searching operators)

Be a smart Google Searcher by using different google searching operators (intitle, filetype, inurl, intext, link, site, index.of) during your search.

Friday, August 3, 2012

If you want to save your Online searching time, you must be a Smart Google Searcher. There are many secret Google searching operators (intitle, intext, inurl, filetype etc.) that you should know in order to obtain the fast and exact results. I think there is no day in my internet life when I surf internet and doesn’t open Google. So when we use Google a lot, we must be a master of search. A simple user searches the Google via a single keyword or sentence but there are also some Google searching operators which refine the search results and you will find an exact solution instantly. So follow the following lesson of Google Power Searching and be a certified Google search master.


Google Searching Operators

1. site:site-url or extension

Site operator is used to search all results related to a particular site or site extension(.com, .edu, .net). Suppose you want to search all results related to keyword "internet marketing" only from the site seomoz.org then you will search site:www.seomoz.org "internet marketing". Again if you you want to restrict your search results to a .edu domain extension then you can use this operator as site:.edu "computer science". You can also check that how many pages of your site are indexed by google, use this operator as site:click-labs.com. Ok now You want to exclude a particular site results from your search then use this operator as "internet marketing" -site:seomoz.org Now it will show all results related to keyword "internet marketing" excluding seomoz.org.
Google Search

2. inurl:”your keyword”

Using inurl operator you can search all urls contain a particular keyword such as inurl:"internet marketing" As everyone makes search engine friendly urls so this operator is very helpful to obtain effective results. Suppose you want to search pages of a website contain "internet marketing" in url then you can use it as inurl:"internet marketing" site:"seobook.com" inurl operator is used to search all urls contain only a single keyword or sentence but if you want to search multiple keywords at any location in the url then you can use allinurl operator as allinurl:medical forum (A good way to search all forums related to medical stream) In this query it shows all urls which contains "medical" and "forum" keyword at any location in the url.
Google Search

3. intitle:”your keyword”

To search all results in which title part must contain the word that we want to search, we use intitle operator. As intitle:marketing search engine This will search all articles which will contain marketing word in the title and search and engine word anywhere either in title or body. If We want to search two words from the title at any position then we will use it as intitle:search intitle:marketing we can also search it using allintitle operator as allintitle:search marketing it will also show the same results.
Google Search

4. filetype:extension “keyword”

Many times we want to download a pdf, doc, txt, xls or any other type of document regarding any topic to know about it in a detail as webpages only contain limited point to point information. But when we search them in google we just found a page and then another page and a page and then download if lucky. So if you want to search these files in a quick way use can use filetype operator. Suppose we want to search pdf files related to internet marketing then we use it as filetype:pdf "internet marketing" You can directly search differnt files using it as pdf, ppt, doc, txt, xls, iso etc.
Google Search

5. inanchor:"keyword"

If you want to search any website that will contain your searched keyword as an anchor text in the body of webpage then you can use inanchor operator as inanchor:"seo secrets" Similarly if you want to search some words anywhere in anchor text then you can use allinanchor operator as allinanchor:seo secrets
Google Search

6. link:your-site-url

link operator is used to count your google backlinks means links to your site from other sites (indexed by google as backlink). You can use it as link:www.seobook.com now it will show google indexed backlinks of seomoz for url www.seomoz.org.
Google Search

7. define:”keyword”

Do you want to find exact definition of any words or phrases, just use define operator in front of it and it will extract its defination from some big sites like wikipedia, answer.com and Dictionary.com etc. You can use it as define:internet marketing
Google Search

8. cache:your-site-url

It will show Google's Cached status of your site. You can know the date and time when Google cached your page and also you can see its cached view as detected by google. You can use it by using cache: in front of your website url, you can use it with any url/webpage of you website.
Google Search

9. exclude a word –keyword

Suppose you want to search different results related to word marketing but you do not want to see internet marketing word in your search then you can exclude this word by using - operator.
Google Search

10. Related word ~keyword

tilde (~) operator is used to find all results of a keyword along with its synonyms word results. use ~ in front of keyword (without space) to use this operator.
Google Search

11. * Operator

If you are familiar with database queries then you are also familiar with * operator. Suppose You search "what is * marketing" in google then you will see results containing exact sentence in body, only * has an english word in place of it and it may be anything.
Google Search

12. “Search an Exact Line”

In my above examples a lot of places I use "" symbols around my main sentence or a group of keywords. Actually this is used to search exact line. Suppose you search "internet marketing facts" then it will show all results which contains same line in their webpage while without "" Google will search this by breaking the line means anyone from three words can be at any location in webpage (exact combination not necessary)
Google Search

13. Unit Converter

Google also works as a unit converter tool, just search kilometer to meter and see the results. You can also write a number as 10 kilometer to mile
Google Search

14. OR Operator

To find webpages which contain either first word or second word or both, We use OR operator (Always use upper case letters)
Google Search

15. Time your location

When you write time operator in front of a location name then it will show exact time of that location So stay updated with worldwide time by Google.
Google Search

16. .. Operator

We use .. operator to find results in between a range e.g. 200$..700$. We also use it to find internet updated in between a time period like if we want to see all internet marketing updates in between 2010 to 2012 then we will write internet marketing 2010..12 Now it will show all results/webpages updated and submitted between 2010 to 12
Google Search

17. Search by Image

A great feature to find duplicate of your images on the internet. Just drag or upload your image under google image search to find other images similar to this, you can also past your image url. Click on below Image to search your image similarities over the internet by uploading your own image. While Google Image search you can also filter your results by using sidebar tools. You can filter your results by size, color or infact you can search an exact size images over the internet.
Google Image Search

18. Google Sidebar Tools

We search the internet and open next to next search page to find exact solution but never use google sidebar tools. Actually if you see in left side while searching in google you will see more search tools option, just click on it and you will find different solutions (as shown in picture below) to filter your search results. You can filter your search results according to time, sites with images and also you can search other language pages related to your keyword but translated in English.
Google Search Tools

19. Google Calculator

You can solve your simple mathematical queries using Google. Just search 4+4 in Google and see the answer. Google also launched a Google calculator to solve many mathematical queries which you can see by search through following form.
Google Search
Google Calculator

20. Blog Search

Do you want to search all results only from the blog pages by excluding all static pages then you can access Google blog search by click on more in top right corner or search blogs by using the following form.
Google Search

21. Google Advanced Search

Whenever you search in Goggle just see at the bottom of the page and you see an Advanced search option, Click on it and make your search more user friendly. You can also access advanced search options by clicking on the below image. With advance search you can filter your search results in different portions like search only a file type, search country and particular language specific pages or search between a number range etc.
Google Advance Search

22. info:your site url

info operator is used to check different information about a website e.g. links from a site, all indexed pages of site and all pages which contains site site url in their web page etc. You can use it as info:click-labs.com
Google Search

23. Intext:”keyword”

Do you want to restrict your search results only on those pages which must contain your specific search term in its body text then you can use intext operator as intext:"larry Page" Similarly if you use allintext operator in front of a combination of two or three words then you will find all pages which must contain these words at any position in the body of webpage.
Google Search

24. Miscellaneous

Lastly I want to tell you that all of these operators has mentioned by Google itself on its different page. So be smart and search the internet fast by using different Google searching tools. There are also some more searching secrets which you can see by exploring GOOOOOOGLE.
Search flights  >> Timing, location and price
Google News >> Search latest News of any location in your local language.
Google Groups >> Share your queries with the world by creating a discussion group
Google Alerts >> Receive Email updates related to keyword of your choice

Google Search

25. BONUS - Fun with Google Search

1. Search sqrt(cos(x))*cos(300x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.7)*(4-x*x)^0.01, sqrt(6-x^2), -sqrt(6-x^2) from -4.5 to 4.5 in Google
2. Search zerg rush in Google and see the real magic.
3. Google Search in China : A fun by Google
4. Google Gravity : it's hard to search

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